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Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows
Single Hung Windows
Single Hung Windows
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If you are bored with classic windows, then we offer Winnipeg single hung windows. This is a twist on the classic window that is much more visually appealing. If you install such windows, you can open half of the window while the other half remains in place. Such a window will match practically any interior.

Single hung windows Canada on hinges opens inwards. You can wash them from the inside, which is very practical. Thanks to vinyl the windows are energy efficient and keep your house warm in cold months. And during warm months the half-open window provides perfect ventilation. Your rooms will always be filled with light. The single hung windows come with a half-size screen. You can choose from four standard jamb sized and various frame moldings and corner blocks. They are made from no-maintenance lead-free PVC powder compound.

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