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Multipoint Lock System

Multipoint Lock System

SmartTech Windows and Doors cares not only about making your homes comfortable and beautiful with our products but also about your safety. That is why we offer multipoint lock system with our doors. This is the best security solution in the Canadian market. We are ready to give consultation and install a multipoint lock system in your house. 

Multi Point Locking Systems for Every Situation, Every Need  

Whether or not you had burglars in your home before providing the safety of your house is at the top of your priority list. Conventional locks are easy to open, and they make your house vulnerable. Our company offers the best multipoint lock systems that will ensure your safety. The locks have such additional features as anti-slip and panic locks, and they are highly resistant to unwanted entry.

How can we help YOU?

If you are still not convinced that the multipoint lock system is what you need, consider all the advantages:

  • improved protection against unwanted entry;
  • latch lever provided with the locks;
  • bushings in all openings in the lock case;
  • a variety of G.U-SECURY accessories;
  • when the door is closed it locks simultaneously;
  • the lock is completely protected against dirt;
  • the multipoint lock system is protected from corrosion;
  • is suitable for many types of doors: fiberglass, aluminum, PVC, timber.


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