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Multipoint Lock System

Multipoint Lock SystemMulti point locking systems provide the ultimate security solution, combining high threat resistance and health and safety compliance with the ease of single point control.

As one of Canada’s longest serving independent security companies you can be sure that SmartTech Windows and Doors Security is a company you can trust to deliver high quality, bespoke solutions for your unique security requirements.

Multi Point Locking Systems for Every Situation, Every Need

Have you experienced a burglary because a conventional lock has been compromised and you’re looking for a higher level of security as a result? Are you concerned about vulnerable entrance and exit points? Do you need advanced security for double doors?

SmartTech Windows and Doors Security offers a comprehensive range of advanced multi-point locking system solutions with concealed aesthetic designs. Combined with a choice of sophisticated security additions including panic locks for emergency exit doors, anti-slip locks, and high resistance to forced entry, you can have the complete solution

How can we help YOU?

SmartTech Windows and Doors Security offers multi-point locking system design and installation solutions tailored to your requirements. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs with our lock specialists.

Features and advantages:

  • Considerably improved protection against burglary.
  • Prevents the door from warping: when the door is closed, it is also locked at the same time.
  • VdS tested to safety class A.
  • Entrance doors with G.U-SECURY Automatic door locks are tested to ENV 1627 and rated WK 2 and WK 3.
  • The door locks are provided with a latch lever.
  • Reversible latch and deadbolting latches make the locks DIN lh and DIN rh usable.
  • The lock case is fully enclosed – dirt or other foreign bodies cannot obstruct the easy operation of the lock.
  • All openings in the lock case are provided with bushings – drilling swarf cannot fall in the drive mechanism.
  • The dimensions of the lock case and the additional locks correspond to the specifications of DIN 18251 part 3.
  • Complete range of proven G.U-SECURY accessories.
  • Suitable for timber, fiberglass, PVC and aluminium doors.
  • Optimum corrosion protection with hardware surface sealing ferGUard*silver.

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